Thursday, November 26, 2009

The experiment has ended, but the savings continued...

Hello all my money saving friends! It's Thanksgiving day, the beginning of that holiday rush where we all spend way more money than we want to! However, as we all know, there are ways to economize and still put together a great just need to have a budget, know what you can spend, and stick with it.

I decided to reload some of my favorite "extreme couponer" posts from my $45 in a month challenge I did earlier this year. I am not saying you have to do something that extreme, especially because it is not healthy since you have to eat too much processed foods. However, it does demonstrate how easy it is to save money with a few cost savings measures.

I'm off to dinner now, but for the next month I will be posting my favorite money savings tips, points sites I use and deals I find to help you be fiscally responsible this month so you don't regret your decisions next year!

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