Friday, December 4, 2009

Website to Check Out:

Not in school?  No kids in school?  No 529 Plan for your younger kids?  No problem, UPromise is still for you!  Originally set up as a savings account for college or a way to pay off existing student loans, UPromise now also lets you request a check for all of your savings to use for anything you want.  It is really easy to use too.  Sign up for a Upromise account, register your participating grocery store loyalty cards and your CVS ECB card.  Every time you buy a participating product using your registered card, you get money deposited into your account.  They also have monthly coupons that you load onto your card.  However, instead of getting the money off at the register, you get it deposited into your account when you buy the product (limit of 1 per product) using a registered card.  Yet another reason to get a Homeland One card since homeland is a participating grocery store!

You can also register your credit cards to get money in your account when you use your registered credit card at a participating store or restaurant.

Upromise also offers money back if you shop from online retailers through their links. 

Unless you buy a lot of products or do a lot of online shopping it won't make you rich, but every little bit helps!

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