Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Night Before New Year...

I can't believe it's already the end of December and my experiment will start tomorrow. The reactions that I get when I tell people this are kind of funny. The people who never use coupons just look at me like I am nuts. My friends who dabble in coupons and want to know more about them (though will never actually take the time to learn) think its cool and ask me for the URL so they can follow my progress. I had the first negative reaction today from my friend Jennifer. She said she thought doing this and blogging about it was superficial because there really are people who can't afford to spend more than $45 per month. It may be superficial, but I also think its a good way to prove to myself, and you all, that you really can have a reasonable food budget with a little bit of effort. By blogging here, I'll be able to keep myself honest.

I had some coupons which were expiring today so I went and picked up a few things. Got some pretty good deals.

  • Kelloggs Special K with Strawberries. On sale BOGO but rings up $2.15 each. I had 2 different $1/1 coupons, both which doubled which means the 2 boxes of cereal cost me a total of $.30
  • Half Gallon of Milk. Regular price of $1.78. I used the in-flyer coupon to get $2 off milk when I buy 2 special K cereals. Final price, $.22 overage, which makes my final cost for the milk and cereal $.08.
  • Pierogies. Regular price $3.09 - $1 coupon (doubled) = $1.09
  • Bagel Bites. On sale 50% off ($1.39 each) $1/2 coupon doubled = $.39 each
  • Buddig 8 oz turkey breast. Sale Price = $2.19 -$1/1 coupon (from previous package I bought) = $.19

See you all tomorrow!

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