Sunday, January 4, 2009

January 4, 2009...I really do like eating the same stuff all the time!

I feel like I am typing the same thing every day...tomorrow we'll have to try to shake up the menu a little!


~~Special K w/ strawberries and Sugar Free Koolaid ($0.04)


~~Turkey Sandwich on wheat bread w/ mustard ($0.05)
~~Goldfish Crackers (I love clearance sales!) ($0.05)
~~Sugar Free Koolaid


~~Leftover Tortellini (free) $0.00
~~Leftover Garlic Bread $0.50
~~Sugar Free Koolaid

Total for day: $0.64

My goal for this week is to try to add in some veggies. I got a good deal on some frozen steamed veggies so it shouldn't be that expensive.

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