Friday, January 9, 2009

Playing catch-up again!

So clearly this daily update thing is not going to work! I keep meaning to log on, but them get busy and forget. I'll try to give more updates this weekend. I have to admit this is starting to get hard (a week in!) because I can't eat out. Also, for anyone thinking of doing this, eating the same thing is by choice, not necessity. I tend to eat the same thing for 3-4 weeks until I get bored with it and not eat it again for a couple of months. Next week I am going to try for more variety though, just to show that it can be done. This week, the meals have basically been:


Some combination of cereal, toast, milk and juice


Sandwich on wheat bread (just used the last of the free bread! :-(


Chicken Breast w/ mashed potatoes or pasta or rice and frozen veggies

All days have come in under budget and all have been tasty and healthy. Of course, I wanted to scream when Kristen said she wanted to go do Chinese...I loved getting Chicken Fried Rice at Snow Pea and now I can't do that for a month! Ugh!

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